About Us

Our Mission

To provide a safe environment with quality instruction through a fun and enjoyable means of teaching. Every gymnastics activity should be wholesome, providing a personal touch with each child. We strive to grow children into “high self-esteem individuals”.

Gym Policies

To help us provide a smooth and safe environment please read and follow these policies.

  1. Don’t drop off your child more than 15 minutes early and have them picked up at the end of their specified class time.
  2. Payments are due on the 1st of the month and are late after the 10th of the month. After the 10th of the month, there is a $25.00 late fee. After the 25th, the student can be dropped from the class.
  3. In order to provide a safe and enjoyable viewing area, no running, jumping or tumbling is allowed.
  4. Everyone, including parents who stay to watch their children, need to remain in the observation area. Do not go past the railing.
  5. If you are dropping a class, you must send a written notice to the office. Written notice must be received before the end of the child’s last month. You are responsible for payment until we receive written notification.
  6. No child can participate in an AcroTex Gymnastics activity or class without an AcroTex Gymnastics Release/Waiver signed by a parent or guardian.
  7. Please remember to park in designated parking spots. Please do not park in the fire lane or in the front of the building. This impedes the flow of traffic.


Annual Registration Fee $35/year
Tuition Rates
1 hour per week $78/month
2 hours per week $122/month
Team Rates
4 hours per week $181/month
6 hours per week $215/month
9 hours per week $239/month
12 hours per week $256/month
Compulsory Team $363/month
Optional Team $518/month
Division 2 $230/month
Division 3 $285/month
Home School / Meridian/ Day Care Classes
$62 per month
Birthday Party
1½ hours $195 (tax included)
45 minutes per week $52/month
1 hour per week $68/month
Private Lessons
Call you facility for pricing.
Family Plan
Family Discount $10 for each additional child after the first
Registration Fee $35 per; Family Maximum Fee $70