Nutrition Zoom Class

My name is Coach Faith and I will be hosting a new nutrition class at Acrotex Gymnastics. I am so excited to be starting this program and hope to have a full class for my first session. I Have a bachelor's degree in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics From Stephen F. Austin State University, axe'em Jacks; and have been coaching gymnastics for over 5 years! The Course will be a 6-week Zoom class on the topic of nutrition offered on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 6pm. The class size will be 15 students to help me be connected to each student in the class. Each week we will learn somethin new and exciting related to the world of nutrition. My end goal for the participants of the class is to have an appreciation for what your are putting into your body and how it will affect you later. This will be a beginner level nutrition therapy. During the course of the class I hope to hit topics over basic nutrition information, sports nutrition related to gymnastics, hydration, picky eating, and so much more! At the end of each week there will be a kid friendly snack recipe with details on the associated health benefits and an essential kitchen skill/tip.

This is the 6-week breakdown of what the topics for each week will be:
Week 1 Introduction-What do you eat?
Week 2 Hydration
Week 3 Sleep
Week 4 Picky Eating
Week 5 Sensitivity vs. Allergy Awareness
Week 6 Cooking with flavor