Preschool Classes (ages 2-5)

Our PreSchool classes are offered to children ages 2 to 5. We teach our gymnasts fundamental gymnastics skills in all events and essential basic motor skills while developing strength and building self-confidence. Our classes are divided into three separate age groups; Parent & Tot (ages 2 to 3 and a half), Sparkles (ages 3 to 4), and Stars (ages 4 to 5).

Preschool Classes (ages 1-2)

Shimmers (ages 1-2). Shimmers is a 30 minute parent and me class that will focus on gross motor skills in a fun, socially interactive gymnastics environment and are attained by repetition, encouragement and recognition.

Transitional class (ages 2-5)

Transition Preschool Class (ages 2-5). This is a class that transitions kids from an open gym environment to a structured skills-based class. This gently structured class offers students the opportunity to try the rotations and apparatuses used in a typical class without the pressure. It is a parent led but coach-guided class, which means the parent and child can choose which skills the student will work on. The coach will be present to encourage and show them how to do the chosen skills correctly. We hope this class meets the needs of our friends who enjoy a less structured class environment.

Shimmers Class

Twinkles 2-3

Sparkle 3.5-4.5

Stars 4.5-5