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Limited Class and Camps Now Available Online

We reopened on June 1st with a very limited schedule. We offer 1 class in the pre-school gym with a limit of 5 students. We offer classes in the big gym with a limit of 6 per class. Classes will be 45 minutes (excluding team) with 15 minutes in between classes. This will help with coming and going and give staff time to disinfect in between classes. We offer preschool classes for ages 2-5, These classes are parent & child to maintain social-distancing standards with the very young children. Tuition costs for 45 minute classes will be $66.00 per month. Please wait outside or in your car until your class time. No early drop offs.
• Only one parent or non-participating individual will be allowed to enter the building with their child. Parents and staff are required to wear masks. It is highly recommended that students wear facemask but is not required.
• The number of parents who will be able to watch in person will be reduced to maintain 6’ distancing in the lobby/waiting areas.
• We will maintain the physical-distancing standard. The standard is 6’.
• Limited hands-on spotting for at least the first month. We will then reevaluate.
• Children will maintain their own training spaces as they proceed through stations and circuits. No lines.
• We will stagger class start and end times to insure time for the students to get in and out of the gym safely, to provide time to wipe down the equipment between each class and for coaches to thoroughly wash their hands.
• Hand Sanitizing Stations have been installed in all areas of the facility and our students will have regular opportunities to use them.
• There will be touchless temperature checks for everyone entering the gym. Any with temps over 100 degrees will be sent home.
•The communal drinking fountains have been removed and replaced with a hand washing station. Bring your own water bottle. All children and parents entering the gym should use the restroom and wash their hands thoroughly before leaving home. We have installed touchless soap, hand dryers and sinks in restrooms but space is limited. Children and parents are also advised to wash hands and feet thoroughly upon arriving back home.

Please send a backpack or bag with your student with anything they need for class, water bottle, grips, etc. They will take the bag/backpack with them to each station. Students who need chalk will be given their own personal bag of chalk (no chalk buckets).